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Tax Laws & Lump Sum Distributions - You have worked diligently your entire career to build a retirement nest-egg and financial security but that does not mean all of your financial challenges are behind you. Instead as you enter into retirement you face new challenges, many for the first time.

Evaluating the Lump Sum vs. Monthly Annuity Pension - Planning for your retirement is filled with choices. If you’re pension-eligible, one of those decisions will include how you will take your pension payments. Understanding your options when it comes to taking a lump-sum or an annuity is essential as you prepare your assets for a stress-free retirement.

Medicare changes that may effect you!

*Are you nearing 65 & need healthcare updates?
*Are you already enrolled in Medicare and want to review your options?
*Do you understand your coverage options?
*Does someone you love need help making an informed Medicare decision?
*Do you need help finding the right plan?

The Medicare mile marker is on the horizon. Most U.S. citizens become eligible at age 65 for the health insurance program facilitated by the federal government, with an open enrollment period at the end of each calendar year thereafter. Given the somewhat complicated coverage options – Part A, Part B, Part D, Part C, Medigap – it’s easy to get lost on the Medicare enrollment journey. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.

Value vs. Growth Investing

*Risks associated with each type of investment.

*Growth rates for each type.

*Balancing your portfolio with Growth and Value investments.